Challenging the costs of Workplace training

Basic Workplace Training costs are a burden for many companies…

An interesting 2 days spent researching the costs of; online, in-house and training centre Health & Safety courses, provided us with some astonishing results:

We found basic courses ranging from £25 for a 2-hour online session to £895 for a 2-day training centre course.

We also investigated the average number of training courses advised for a small business not using heavy machinery, was 18, yes 18 individual basic training courses, here’s just a few of them:

  • Slips and TripsPrevent back injury image
  • Manual handling
  • Correct PPE
  • Risk Assessments
  • Managing Safety
  • Use of Pallet Trucks
  • Ergonomics
  • Human factors
  • injury prevention

The Result

So the result is, in a 3-year period, businesses can easily spend £24,840 on the very basic, yes very basic required training.

Not included in this figure are some of the accompanying costs businesses also suffer:

  • Administration of Training Records
  • Collating information for audits
  • Programs running to keep track of training dates and renewals
  • Workers attendance time and transportation to and from offices and/or training centres
  • Workers Downtime

Can businesses reduce costs and get more compliant?

We are pleased to say “YES”, yes we can save your business money by giving you the tools and support needed in providing information and effective training as is necessary under the
Health and Safety at Work Act.

Our 5 cost-saving benefits of Safety PAL in your business are:


  1. Simple and effective training you manage, control and don’t pay for refreshers
  2. Automatically update workers training profiles when they have completed training
  3. Mangement login to check workers pass rates and behaviours
  4. Health and Safety information and training directly on their SMART device/s
  5. The Proof you have done everything reasonably practicable.

Are you not doing any training?

We also noted through our research, not all companies are meeting the legal requirements for basic training…

If you are one of these companies, were you aware the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 require you to provide whatever information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to ensure the health and safety at work of your employees?

Can I see how Safety PAL does this before I subscribe?

If this article has helped you understand how Safety PAL helps you with workplace training and in meeting  your legal requirement while saving you money, then Yep! just click here or below to book a free demo

Ps. we could get business saving money in just a matter of days 

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