Webinar: Risk Assessments Aren’t The Problem

For the ones who missed our Webinar on Risk Assessments…

We have included this short ‘Risk Assessments Aren’t the problem, processes and people are’ webinar video, so you can watch on demand and share among colleagues and clients, as risk assessments affect many operations in your business.

This video:

  • explains why businesses fail, and shows how easy they really are.
  • supports your strategy to prove you are So Far As Is Reasonably Practicable doing everything to prevent harm.
  • is designed to help you deliver a safer and smarter workplace environment.

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Duration: 16 minutes

Who should watch this

  • Duty holders in businesses who have five or more employees, as the law changes for you!
  • Safety representatives looking for confirmation a worker/contractor has read and understood.
  • Any person with an interest in health and safety enforcement.

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