Webinar: Moving away from paper-based Health & Safety

Why invest in Cloud-Based Health & Safety Software

A Health and Safety management system as detailed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is a formal management system or framework to help you manage health and safety.

Cloud computing is the way of using someone else’s computers (a trusted source) on the internet for storing and retrieving data and running programs.

Safety PAL Cloud-Based H&S Software has a unique way of combining the above bringing any business into the digital era, improving performance, reducing inefficiencies and using the latest technology to create compliance without the need to invest thousands in staff and business infrastructures.

This webinar will show you how easy betterment is, how having the ability to access all information from anywhere anytime reduces management time and increases workers efficiency to ultimately provide any business of any size the tools to prove everything so far as is reasonably practicable has been done to prevent harm.


Date and time: 3rd January 2018 10:00

Duration: 21 minutes


If you can’t make this date/time, we can send you a recording of the live webinar after the broadcast for you to view at your convenience.

Who should register

  • Any person currently using a paper-based system for H&S and project management.
  • H&S professional’s looking to convert reactive time to proactive time.
  • Health and Safety representatives looking to track and improve performance.

All the information in the webinar is designed to help you deliver a safer and smarter workplace environment.



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