Safeguarding Employees

You and your business are at high risk of being fined tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds if an accident occurs.
Safety PAL will help minimise your risks by improving workplace culture and employee behaviour.

The Common Sense Approach

Your organisation has a legal duty to put in place suitable arrangements to manage Health and Safety. But Risk Assessments shouldn’t be about creating mounds of paperwork, they're supposed to highlight and lessen the risks of upcoming tasks.

Safety PAL encourages a common sense and practical approach that lets you build a database of common risks with pre- and post-evaluation scores. These can be quickly and easily added to Risk Assessment and Jobs - forming a part of your everyday processes with a more protective and efficient way of managing risks. In this way, Safety PAL is an essential tool integral to changing workplace behaviour and attitudes.

Technical Support - we're here to help

If you need any assistance with setting up Safety PAL, rolling it out to your staff, or if you have any questions after signing up; we’re always happy to help. Get in touch with us here.

Does your current Safety Management...

  • Allow your workers to benefit from others' mistakes?
  • Create a comprehensive process that really keeps workers safe?
  • Prove that you've done everything practically possible?

Does your Safety Management...

  • Question one, no more than a few words here?
  • Question two, another short thing to think about?
  • Question three, have you also considered this?

Quicker - Without the Shortcuts!

Common shortcuts people take when creating risk assessments, such as simply copying and pasting from previous risk assessments, frequently increases mistakes. It then takes time to check and correct the error - along with not really protecting anyone.

We spent three years developing Safety PAL in order to create a unique, holistic health and safety management system that improves safety, prevents accidents and removes the risk of legal action and fines.

Don't Become Another Statistic

By focusing on your workers and making it easier for them to be safer, your business automatically becomes safer. If your workers have a greater understanding of the risks and more information on a project, they work more safely. You become safer from prosecution and secure from fines.


Did You Know?

  • As a director or business owner, you can be
    personally liable for an on-site accident or fatality.
  • If found guilty, you can be sentenced based on what
    could have happened, rather than what did happen.
  • Average fines have increased to £280,974 in 2016/2017 from £90,604 the year before.

Source: Sentencing Council

Workplace Fatalities by Sector (2015 - 2016)
workplace fatalities by sector
Worker using Safety PAL on a tablet

Linked Features

The reason that Safety PAL is so effective and unique is that its different features all work together - like a well-oiled machine.

​Your Risk Database is available to be applied rapidly to all Jobs and Activities. Before a worker can sign into that job, a Risk Assessment and Method Statement must be attached to it - providing an extra layer of protection for both workers and your business.

Workers and contractors can see these ahead of time with their employee portal to make sure that they understand the requirements ahead of time.

Our comprehensive system allows your business to reduce accidents, risks and costs, without compromising on safety. Book a demo today, and we'll show you how together we can protect workers and prevent fines.

Learning together for a smarter, safer workplace

...a time-saving application if you can implement all your risk assessment plans in one place. We have a risk assessment per job and activity and if that was put onto the system and allocated by zone and area, that would work well.

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