Safety PAL for the Rail Industry

Managing Staff Fatigue

The rail staff fatigue and management standards have been revised - as detailed in the new Network Rail and the RSSB (Rail Safety and Standards Board) regulations. It's now a requirement that all companies create Fatigue Risk Assessments and Fatigue Reports.

Managing employees' hours is essential - but what can often be overlooked is managing contractors' working hours. Both are a requirement not only for the new fatigue standards, but to create compliance with the existing Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

The Solution

The Safety PAL solution is very simple... each and every worker and contractor can sign in on any smart device (computer, tablet or mobile) when leaving home, and then into a specific work site upon arrival.

Once their shift is complete, they simply sign out.

Live data is recorded and displayed on workers travelling and also which site/area they are working on.

To reduce your management time and costs you will need to introduce with other systems, Safety PAL seamless suite of tools links job management and employees work hours, so you can always be sure of who is where, which site they are working on and managing working hours to prevent harm.

Safety PAL offers a single source of information that can be made available to all instantly whether working on site or planning works in the office. Managers are able to plan works ensuring the right staff with the correct competencies and training are allocated to task. Key project information, both technical and safety, can be monitored on each job, and the passage of information is completely transparent and auditable. All staff have access to the most up to date information as it becomes available.

Matthew Thomasson

Associate Director, Site Investigations at AECOM Rail

Managing Working Hours

How much time and money do you currently spend or will need to spend to comply with the new Fatigue Standards?

If you already subscribe to Safety PAL, then this is included in your suite of tools. If you are not taking advantage of our unique H.S.E.Q solution, then its still simple for your business to save money and create more efficient management time.

Fatigue Risk Reporting

Included in every Safety PAL subscription is our unique 'Fatigue Risk Report' which takes away all the hard and mundane work you will need to implement in managing workers hours and risk of harm. Our Fatigue Risk Report measures individual workers days and hours to calculate actual against future working hours to give a LIVE report on any workers hours on any job in your operations.

Please note 'Fatigue Management' is not just about managing workers hours, it's about complying with many complicated sections of current regulations. This is again a unique way Safety PAL creates efficiency in your business, our suite of H.S.E.Q tools bring together all the requirements required under the current legislation to ensure you are always protected from fines or compensation claims.

Inbuilt Risk Database

Not only can you easily create risk assessments with Safety PAL, but you can link risk assessments, method statements, tool box talks (briefings) and other essential job documents to reduce inefficiencies and reduce business risk.

Need to report more site investigations?

Part of the Safety PAL suite is the Spot Check inspection tool.

All workers can easily create a Spot Check. Take a photo, add a description and Safety PAL will date and time stamp your record.

Once you have added your information and your specific image, you have the ability to assign a closure to a colleague for review and action.

Your colleague will receive the notification, your dashboard will show progress and closure.

As Fatigue Management and Spot Check inspections are part of our suite of tools, all information added is available for external auditing and reporting to management. 

Safety PAL's full range of features...

Safety PAL uses the latest technology to communicate and share information throughout your organisation. It gives you the tools to prevent accidents whilst documenting what you are doing - protecting you and your business from liability.

Safety PAL's unique advantage is that the different features all work together - like a well-oiled machine.
You would need 5 or 6 separate systems to match the protection and efficiency of Safety PAL

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