Managing Employee Behaviour

By focusing on improving your employee's safety, Safety PAL reduces risks: the risk of injury for your workers and the risk of fines for your business.

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Focus on Your Employees

Safety PAL is a cloud-based solution that focuses on building a safer culture within your business so that accidents are prevented.

Safety PAL encourages consulting your employees about health and safety. Their knowledge of potential risks and hazards is improved and they become more proactive. Accidents are thus prevented and business risk is minimised.

  • Did You Know?

If you have fewer than five employees you don't have to write anything down, but you still need to put in place measures to control risks - and be able to prove that to the HSE.

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Stopping Accidents Before They Happen

With Safety PAL, your staff can be fully aware of all the dangers and hazards of a work site before they arrive.

Using Safety PAL's induction tool makes it is impossible for workers to proceed with a task if they haven't taken and passed the induction test assigned to that job.

This prevents accidents that happen because of inadequate training or failing to put safeguards in place before the job begins.

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Distribute the Right Information to the Right People

2-3 hours a day can easily be used by manually sharing information with employees lots of information that isn't relevant to them or their department.

Make your time more productive, help your staff to be more efficient by allowing Safety PAL to manage document distribution. Our unique filtering tool ensures the correct information goes straight to the relevant correct worker or team member. 

And of course, any process or procedure in Safety PAL creates a full audit trail, so you can prove who has read and understood your information.

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Technical Support - we're here to help

If you need any assistance with setting up Safety PAL, rolling it out to your staff, or if you have any questions after signing up, we’re always happy to help. Get in touch with us here.

Does your current Safety Management...

  • Limit job involvement for unqualified individuals?
  • Give your team remote access to company documentation?
  • Provide a full audit trail to prove compliance?

Does your Safety Management...

  • Limit job involvement for unqualified individuals?
  • Give your team remote access to company documentation?
  • Provide a full audit trail to prove compliance?
Worker using Safety PAL on a tablet

Linked Features

The reason that Safety PAL is so effective and unique is that its different features all work together - making a your business a leaner business.

Using smart-filtering, your team only see what's important to them; from industry-wide safety alerts, to job-based documents, inductions and risk assessments. They also have selective allow to the document hub, for their own qualifications and any other company document or policy you opt to share with employees.

This holistic system allows your business to reduce accidents, risks and costs, without compromising on safety. Book a demo today, and we'll show you how together we can protect workers and prevent fines.

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"Safety PAL offers a single source of information that can be made available to all instantly whether working on site or planning works in the office. Managers are able to assign the right staff with the correct competencies and training to tasks."

 Matthew Thomasson 

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