Job Management

Unexpected incidents and accidents cause delays, reduce efficiency and lead to longer, more expensive projects.
Safety PAL tackles these issues head on by giving you the essential tools to reduce the risk and exposure from accidents

Create Work Zones in Safety PAL.

Add jobs to zones. Add people to jobs.

It's really that simple. Safety PAL gives you and your team greater awareness of hazards, along with full control so you can see who’s signed on which jobs and all their applicable permits and credentials.

Find everything in one place - Safety PAL links all your separate documents, policies and operations in one secure, cloud accessible location.

It's browser based, so it works with all PCs, tablets and mobile devices - so that your jobs can be managed anywhere and everywhere.

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Make certain - and prove - that you are assigning appropriately qualified workers to individual jobs. Book a Free Demo to see how...

Better Collaboration

Safety PAL gives the required tools to organise your activities (we call them jobs), involve and communicate with workers to improve attitudes and behaviours.

Fewer Stand Downs

Safety PAL allows you to plan jobs effectively, giving the workers the knowledge, resource and increased time. The result is safer workers and fewer stand-downs.

We aim to make stand-downs a thing of the past by continuously developing Safety PAL so that it becomes increasingly effective at preventing accidents.

  • Did You Know?

Affiliations and accreditations are not a replacement for compliance to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Virtual Inductions - Before People Start Working

Managers or supervisors need to ensure all workers know how to work safely and without risks to health.

Safety PALs unique media centre allows your business to create compelling inductions, we go even further by linking inductions to sites, adding workers and issuing out Permit to Work (PTW). All this before the workers has even arrived on-site, a better informed worker is a more productive one.

  • Did You Know?

If you have taken reasonable steps to prevent accidents or harm to your employees (and the injury or illness was caused after 1 October 2013), you shouldn’t have to pay compensation.

The benefits of planning ahead include...

  • ​Less time is spent on-site
  • Productivity is increased
  • Your empoyees have been given the tools to be proactive while working on an unfamiliar site
  • A positive safety culture is created throughout your business.

Linked Features

The reason that Safety PAL is so effective and unique is that its different features all work together – to increase efficiency and productivity, and remove time pressures that lead to accidents.

For example, when adding workers to a job, you can check they have the required training to perform that task and have completed any site inductions before they arrive on site. Also, Safety PAL will check necessary documents like valid insurance and risk assessments are attached to the job - and will stop work proceeding if anything is missing or needs double checking.

If a job is delayed, contractors can be entitled to compensation for their time, even if they can’t work. Safety PAL helps reduce or even eliminate stand-downs, so contractor time compensation will also be reduced or eliminated.

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Worker using Safety PAL on a tablet

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Safety PAL is unique in the way it allows your business to reduce accidents, risks and costs, without compromising on safety.

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Technical Support - we're here to help

If you need any assistance with setting up Safety PAL, rolling it out to your staff, or if you have any questions after signing up; we’re always happy to help. Get in touch with us here.

Does your current Safety Management...

  • Allow cloud based collaboration between client and contractor?
  • Give everyone a full overview of a project before work starts?
  • Provide inductions before workers can sign in?

Does your Safety Management...

  • Allow cloud based collaboration between client and contractor?
  • Give everyone a full overview of a project before work starts?
  • Provide inductions before workers can sign in?

Don't just take our word for it...

"Safety PAL offers a single source of information that can be made available to all instantly whether working on site or planning works in the office. Managers are able to assign the right staff with the correct competencies and training to tasks."

Matthew Thomasson, AECOM Rail

"Safety PAL has quickly become an essential tool for dealing with many aspects of Health and Safety at PPX metal management… I wouldn't want to be running PPX without it. Highly recommended."

Paul Pearce, PPX Metal Management

"From a director's point of view, Safety PAL has given us more security, we've got documented proof... if the HSE were to walk in to the office, we could log them straight on, they would be able to get the info they need, which would alleviate any issues."

Sam Smith, The ALD Group

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