Safety PAL Top Ten on why businesses look to improve…

When we deliver a Safety PAL demonstration, we always ask the client their reasons for deciding to improve health, safety, environment and quality?


Here are 10 of the typical answers were given:

  1. We had an accident – it costs tens of thousands and we can’t afford it to happen again.
  2. To save money, we need to be more efficient as our current processes are sluggish.
  3. We really need an audit trail to prove we have done everything practicably possible.
  4. We need everything in one accessible place, such as:
    1. employee certifications
    2. risk assessments
    3. competence records
    4. site zones and job information
  5. We need a common database of Risk Assessments and a job management system to interact with clients instantly.
  6. Paperless and fully SMART management system – in today’s world, we need everything at our fingertips.
  7. I am a single safety officer in a company! I need HELP. Dealing day to day with safety, safety management and job control.
  8. I need to know which workers and contractors are on-site and when they arrived.
  9. A nearly impossible task is to complete toolbox talks, on-site inductions for workers and visitors with our paper-based old fashion system and limited resource.
  10. We all get stressed when an accreditation audit is due, we need technology to help.


Symptoms, not the cause

These are all valid reasons – and Safety PAL can help with each and everyone – but they’re symptoms of a problem, not the cause or solution.

Information to understand what businesses need to do to comply is readily available, we are inundated with company adverts, seminar and webinar emails inviting us to be TOLD MORE about the problem that is managing Health and Safety, (Generally negative or scaremongering information), with no real concrete way of executing an effective and efficient solution.


An effective and efficient solution!

Workers don’t need more paperwork to read or enforcing another business ideals. Inherently telling an employee in a safety briefing he/she should work like this and do it this way creates a rebellion, this rebelling is not obvious to managers instantly, but is high in conversation on the shop-floor, out on sites and in the offices.

Managers know these conversations exist, but that’s what the seminars, adverts and pushed information recommend. Also, Directors know it exists as they are clear when stating “Health and Safety is a burden and does not make me money”

The way to help businesses to really overcome, to improve, to prevent accidents and ultimately to protect the business, is to assist with making the statutory paperwork and procedures more engaging, more compelling and much much more accessible and efficient.
Letting everyone know the employer really does care.


Change the mindset

Yes, every worker deserves the right to go home safe after every shift, but also, every Director also has the right to protect themselves from negligent workers.

This is a core reason Safety PAL was developed, developed from a very RAW understanding of this problem.

Our system works TOP DOWN and BOTTOM UP and quickly becomes an essential tool for managing all elements of the Health and Safety regulations.


For further details of what the LAW actually requires businesses to do to manage Health and Safety, sign up here for a free crash course in health and safety legislation

What others say

“Safety PAL offers a single source of information that can be made available to all instantly whether working on-site or planning works in the office.

Managers are able to plan works ensuring the right staff with the correct competencies and training are allocated to the task.  Key project information, both technical and safety, can be monitored on each job, and the passage of information is completely transparent and auditable. All staff have access to the most up to date information as it becomes available.”

Matthew Thomasson 

Associate Director, Site Investigations at AECOM


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