drugs and alcohol at work

Drug and Alcohol dismissal can be costly

Drug and alcohol misuse is always a hot health & safety topic in today’s businesses. For employers failing to manage this correctly, it can be a costly error.   The latest statistics available are as follows: Research by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in 2014 highlighted that drugs and alcohol are the […]


Education, Education, Education

Can a lack of understanding of health and safety responsibilities really impact on your businesses operations and finances?   Let’s remind ourselves, we all have a business we own, work for or sub-contract for. Every business has a legal duty to put in place suitable arrangements to manage health and safety, The first stage must […]


How would Safety PAL have prevented Brian’s £1.1m fine?

A normal day on a construction site, sun shining and busy workers. All workers collectively (to save time) received their normal morning work and safety briefing; they then proceeded on to their daily tasks. Just before lunch, one worker, let’s call him Dave, lent an extendable ladder up against a high-level conveyor belt in order […]


Safety PAL attending the SafeStart18

Please join Safety PAL at the award-winning exhibition focused on safety and innovation. Safety PAL supports SAFESTART in it’s deliverly of a clear and coherent safety message across the entire railway industry by providing a focused platform for the industry to get together and begin the year with safety at the forefront to undertaking work […]

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7 essential tips for creating a positive safety culture in 2018

Be honest! Are you and your organisation robust enough to deal with an accident or visit from an inspector?  In my career as a worker, manager, inspector and director, I wish I had a £1 for every time someone said to me, “my health and safety is top notch, I have all the health and safety I need and those […]


What are Your Health and Safety Responsibilities?

Do you fully understand what are your health and safety responsibilities are? In 1974 the Health and Safety at Work Act was introduced… “a bold and far-reaching piece of legislation” 43 years later, 2017… 137 workers died, and the annual cost of UK work-related injuries and ill health is £14.9 billion!!! We can all agree that […]


Managing contractors – How not to fail

We are all rushing to get all the important jobs completed before the long Christmas holiday, we will use many different contractors to supplement and to complete these tasks, but are you sure of the health and safety regulations when a contractor is working on your site? We spoke with 22 directors and managers across […]

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Are you responsible for delivery drivers on your site?

Best practices for protecting visitors, delivery drivers when on your site A common factor in delivery accidents is “who is responsible for what” in terms of safety. In most work situations the safety of an employee is primarily the responsibility of his or her employer, but in order to deliver or collect goods, employees have […]


Directors guide to Health and Safety for 2018

Register for Directors guide to Health & Safety   As a company director; at what point did you obtain an in-depth understanding of your H&S requirements, moral obligations and legal duties imposed on you? Most responses will be “I didn’t.” Directors who have been unfortunate enough to deal with an accident and fine will respond […]