Health & Safety Gap Analysis

Your Plan Act & Learn Gap Analysis

On average there is one successful prosecution of a health and safety breach daily.

These are usually due to businesses not understanding where they are - failing to implement, failing to complete, obvious risks ignored - and where they need to be. Hand on heart; can you say for certain that where you are operating, is where you should be?

A Plan Act and Learn (PAL) Gap Analysis will help you in understanding and prioritising business needs - identifying any deficiencies or shortcomings in health, safety management and operations that need to be overcome.

A full report identifies:

  • Key strengths
  • Key hazards and risks
  • Risk control matrix
  • Compliance recommendations
  • An Action Plan for moving forward

Your report can be to used to:

  1. Define and communicate an acceptable performance
  2. Implement marginal gains from understanding business performance and behaviours.
  3. Measure and review performance
  4. Analyse risks to your supply chain

From only £795

You'll be invoiced £795, payable 14 days after completion of the first report. 

These business giants didn't know they had a problem...

TATA Steel had a risk assessment in place which identified control measures. BUT Health & Safety failed to check the control measures were being adhered to. 

FINED £450k

An HSE investigation into Tesco confirmed that they had failed to assess the risk of vehicles to pedestrians. Written procedures were in place, but ignored by workers.


After a worker was harmed, Warburtons were fined for not implementing their safe system of work. Management didn't know supervisors were skipping the procedures.


Each of these businesses thought they were safe. But they had failed to recognise the gap between where they thought they were, and where they actually were.

References: TATA; BBC News (Sep 2018)  |  Tesco; Safety & Health Practioner (May 2018)  |  Warburtons; IOSH magazine (Jul 2017)

How it works

Make a booking with us today and we'll be touch to come visit your place of work at your convenience.

Our representative will work with your team, walk round your shop floor/sites, check operations, review risk assessments, check control measures are in place, and assess safe systems of work. All to ensure full compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

This process makes it much easier to quantify and identify the work effort that will be required to address any gaps.

The final report will show you an order of importance to prioritise and we'll supply you with an Action Plan, so you know what to do next.


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The Action Plan

The Action Plan provides you with a realistic blueprint to reach the identified compliance goals. It provides you, your team and your whole organisation a clear advantage, to reduce any business inefficiencies, leading to an enhanced reputation and higher profits.

All recommendations detailed are fully substantiated by showing the best-applied practices and legislative requirements.

For the best, quickest results, we suggest sharing the recommendations of the Action Plan throughout your organisation, so everyone can focus their efforts and make better-informed decisions.

Get your PAL Gap Analysis and Action Plan today - Only £795.