Frequently Asked Questions

Safety PAL is a system that appears to do a lot - so people often have questions.

If you have a question that isn't among these below, feel free to get in touch with us here.

What is Safety PAL?

Simply put, it’s web-browser based software for your business to manage your health and safety process - it’s designed in such a way as to help prevent incidents from happening rather than just reporting on them.

Health and Safety is a pain in the neck!

That’s not really a question - but we’ve heard it often enough! Safety PAL is about simplifying your Health and Safety process to make it as quick, easy and painless as possible, meaning your employees can get back to what they should be doing whilst staying safe and compliant.

Why do I need Health and Safety?

As an employer, managing the health and safety of your workplace is part of your business, whether you want to or not. Safety PAL seamlessly uses the most innovational technologies to provide all employees with increased protection - it needs a little input, then assists your skills, knowledge and experience so you can meet legislation.

How much does it cost?

It depends on how many registered users you need, from as little as 2 users to more than 3,000. Should anything ever happen - even a minor incident - with the cost of legal fees and the recent hike in fines for breaches in health and safety, Safety PAL is a far cheaper option. Take a look at our prices here.

Should an incident occur, am I personally liable?

Possibly. This of course differs greatly on a case by case basis - basically the law does not expect you to remove all risks, but to protect people by doing everything practically possible to control those risks. Failure to do so can have dire consequences - we have a range of legal case studies illustrating this. Safety PAL protects directors from legal battles by not only helping you keep people safer to begin with, but by recording everything you’ve done to keep people safe in a fully auditable document trail.

I already have H&S systems in place.

Most companies do – but Safety PAL is the only available system that stores all your health and safety details, documents and policies in one central location that can be easily accessed by employees, suppliers and clients, increasing efficiency and saving you time and money.

Does it make communication any easier?

Safety PAL is a two way process, you can provide information and training in document or video form to raise awareness and prevent incidents, and employees can either acknowledge it or request additional training. Like everything in PAL, this is all recorded for future audits.

Does it do Risk Assessments?

Safety PAL has a simple compiling tool for risk assessments. This identifies the safety needs of your business and reduces your paperwork significantly.

I’m missing some policies, will Safety PAL help me?

Safety PAL will show you which basic policies you need. The HSE provide non-complicated policies that are free to use. You can download these, tailor them to your needs and let Safety PAL distribute them to all your staff - with an audible document trail.

What about insurance documents?

Only a few businesses are not required to have employers' liability insurance. Safety PAL allows you to upload multiple insurance documents to show clients (for their peace of mind) on any device. It also creates expiry date reminders and prevents you from registering jobs for dates which are outside of your current insurance period.

Do I need a Safety Consultant?

Safety consultants are helpful; they give you to the tools to manage health and safety in your business, but they cost and still need managing. Safety PAL communicates your health and safety and other policies to your employees efficiently, reducing the need for external consultants.

Account FAQ's

How does the free trial work?

You will have access to 100% of our innovative features. We will contact you before your trial expires, and you can decide to maintain better protection and prevention or simply allow your trial to expire.

How do I cancel my free trial?

Your free trial does not require a credit card or any upfront payment, so no cancellation is required. It will automatically cancel at the end of your trial period

How do I change my package?

You can make changes at anytime in the application, in your company account dashboard, click the upgrade / downgrade link, and select your new package. Your account manager will authorise the change and you can start using the new package instantly.

Will I be charged Tax?

We are required to charge any tax required by your location, such as VAT (Value Added Tax) for all European countries and from all customers with UK billing addresses, as well as those with non-UK European Union billing addresses.

What does my full paid account include?

When you upgrade from your free trial to a full account, the transition is easy - everything from your free account will be preserved. We'll send a 3 month invoice based on your package, which after that will be payable monthly. Your account will include access to:

  • Team Management Portal​
  • Enhanced Safety alerting tool
  • Geolocation job planning tool
  • Effective staff training and e-learning facility
  • A Company portal with day to day document management
  • A smart risk database, no more copy and pasting
  • Contractor management system which satisfies compliance

Every module above is systematically linked to improve your organisations efficiency and compliance.

How do I cancel my paid subscription?

We'll need a written request, you can email us here: with 3 months notification.

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