Documented Safety Alerts

You and your business are at high risk of being fined tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds if an accident occurs. Safety PAL can minimise that risk by preventing workplace accidents.

Who Notices Notice Boards?

Today your safety alerts are probably emailed out to supervisors, who print them to be pinned onto notice boards. Fingers crossed that the workers actually see them!

Can you prove they've been seen, read and understood?

Safety PAL can manage and improve your safety alerting, and other policy and procedure distribution.

It allows you to send essential information directly and efficiently to all your employees - secure in the knowledge that each and every worker has read and understood your safety alert.

Efficient Communication

Improve site safety by communicating directly and quickly with your workers and contractors using Safety PAL. The latest safety alerts can be disseminated directly to everyone working on-site and workers can confirm they have read and understood them. It even has built-in translation tools to overcome language barriers.

The system also allows workers to give you feedback. They can easily request more training so you can rest assured that you have done everything practicably possible to make everyone safe.

Industry-Wide Information Sharing Prevents Accidents

Help your business reduce the risk of accidents by choosing to receive industry-wide safety alerts from other companies through the Safety PAL system.

You and your workforce can benefit from the experience of other companies. Improving your knowledge will help you and your workers to react quickly and prevent accidents.

Trackable Safety Alerts

As with everything in Safety PAL, this leaves a fully auditable secure document trail​. Safety PAL reduces your risk of liability by automatically giving you a date-stamped trail of documents, communications and confirmations.

If there are any issues at a later date, you can easily follow this trail to find the information you need on any project or person.

Technical Support - we're here to help

If you need any assistance with setting up Safety PAL, rolling it out to your staff, or if you have any questions after signing up; we’re always happy to help. Get in touch with us here.

Does your current Safety Management...

  • Give you a simple company-wide audit trail?
  • Send industry-wide Safety Alerts to employees smart devices?
  • Create a platform for all leaders and managers to co-ordinate?

Does your Safety Management...

  • Question one, no more than a few words here?
  • Question two, another short thing to think about?
  • Question three, have you also considered this?
Worker using Safety PAL on a tablet

Linked Features

The reason that Safety PAL is so effective and unique is that its different features all work together - like a well-oiled machine.

Safety Alerts integrate with the team management portal, documenting time-stamped proof of when users have read and understood. The feedback and request training functions also can help you plan out future training requirements, highlighting where employees have gaps in their knowledge and skills.

This unique system allows your business to reduce accidents, risks and costs, without compromising on safety. Book a demo today, and we'll show you how together we can protect workers and prevent fines.

Don't just take our word for it...

"Safety PAL has quickly become an essential tool for dealing with many aspects of Health and Safety at PPX metal management… I wouldn't want to be running PPX without it. Highly recommended."

Paul Pearce, PPX Metal Management

"It's been really easy to get the safety information out to the employees because they've all logged on to the system... and we know they've read it and ticked they've understood it."

Richard Fuller, County Battery Services

"My favourite part (of Safety PAL) is the inductions. We have sites across the East Midlands, so to keep inductions consistent is very difficult... I can upload a video and it’s the same for every site - fantastic."

Kerri Grocock, Woodhead Construction

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