Document Management

Safety PAL reduces administration costs by removing the need to manage company documents manually.
Company Standards and procedures are pointless if they’re not in use, checked, audited and adhered too!

Online, Effective and Secure

Safety PAL stores all your important documents and certificates in one secure, cloud accessible location.

Access any document you need from your smartphone, tablet, PC or other device - ready to be shared with clients and suppliers should you ever need to produce your credentials.

  • Did You Know?

There aren’t any insurance policies that will protect you from non-compliance with health and safety.

Safety PAL can manage your essential company documents such as...​
  • Environmental Permits
  • Company Accreditations & Affiliations
  • PAT Testing
  • Calibration Certificates
  • Business Awards
  • Insurance Policies
  • Vehicle Registrations & MOTs
  • Equipment Certificates
  • VAT Certificates
  • And many more​...

Safety PAL will help you keep health and safety functional and concise, rather than on sheer volume of paperwork.

Trackable and Auditable

Locating H&S documents that probably don’t exist is time consuming and increases risk.

Everything in Safety PAL leaves a fully auditable and secure time- and date-stamped document trail. If there are issues at a later date, you can easily follow this trail to find the information you need.

As changes regularly happen, our dynamic solution works with your organisation, keeping details up to date whilst keeping an archive of older versions. 

Expiry Notifications

A common business problem is the failure to renew documents, such as insurance policies, before they expire. With Safety PAL’s expiry notifications (both in app and by email), you will be notified up to 120 days in advance of the expiry date of an important document.

  • Did You Know?

In June 2017 the HSE prosecuted 24 companies - resulted in £11.7 million in fines.

Technical Support - we're here to help

If you need any assistance with setting up Safety PAL, rolling it out to your staff, or if you have any questions after signing up; we’re always happy to help. Get in touch with us here.

Does your current Safety Management...

  • Let workers show your company has approval to operate?
  • Send out document expiration warnings?
  • Provide a 100% auditable online document trail?

Does your Safety Management...

  • Let workers show your company has approval to operate?
  • Send out document expiration warnings?
  • Provide a 100% auditable online document trail?
Worker using Safety PAL on a tablet

Linked Features

The reason that Safety PAL is so effective and unique is that its different features all work together - like a well-oiled machine.

Employees at all levels of responsibility can see all the details of a job, such as attached Risk Assessments and Method Statements. This enables the job to be carried out effectively and efficiently by everyone involved.

Safety PAL keeps track of individuals’ training and accreditations - and all inductions are recorded and stored within the app, so you can access previous tests and results.

This holistic system allows your business to reduce accidents, risks and costs, without compromising on safety. Book a demo today, and we'll show you how together we can protect workers and prevent fines.

Don't just take our word for it...

"Safety PAL has quickly become an essential tool for dealing with many aspects of Health and Safety at PPX metal management… I wouldn't want to be running PPX without it. Highly recommended."

Paul Pearce, PPX Metal Management

"It's been really easy to get the safety information out to the employees because they've all logged on to the system... and we know they've read it and ticked they've understood it."

Richard Fuller, County Battery Services

"My favourite part (of Safety PAL) is the inductions. We have sites across the East Midlands, so to keep inductions consistent is very difficult... I can upload a video and it’s the same for every site - fantastic."

Kerri Grocock, Woodhead Construction

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