Event: Protect your business and your family should the worst happen.

As a Director, did you know?

The new common law change for manslaughter which came in to force November 1st 2018.

The government like to let everyone know about the new GDPR legislation, but fail to widely promote health and safety sentencing changes

This 3 hour event is designed specifically with directors in mind. Ones who need to understand their responsibilities and also what the outcome of a failure looks like.


We will explain the Sentencing Council Changes

In July 2018, the Sentencing Council announced a consultation on its proposals for how offenders convicted of manslaughter should be sentenced in England and Wales.


Convictions are on the rise

Below is an extract from the HSE prosecution tables that show in 2016/17 there were 163 individual director convictions.


Why you need to attend this event!

I know you are busy and have a hundred and one things to think about in the day-to-day operation of your business, but knowing is an essential tool for preventing and protecting your business.

My name is Karl Spencer, I will be hosting the event.

My knowledge and passion for this subject comes from experience – when my own company suffered a safety failure, and the consequence was the loss of contracts which even resulted in redundancies.

I truly believed I was safe and had the required protection as yearly my business successfully achieved the upkeep of client required affiliation’s and accreditation’s which eluded to me having a safer and more compliant business. I had in place the standard Employers and Public liability Insurance, but as extra protection I had an additional £40 million Liability Insurance Policy. So why wouldn’t I feel I had the ultimate protection umbrella?

Well, when I was investigated, I quickly understood everything I had in place did not provide the evidence I needed to prove I had done everything practicably possible to prevent harm – the ultimate requirement of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. I had invested in an above standard document management system, but at the time required, I was unable to prove my policies and procedures where actually enforced, I had no proof they were read and understand by every employee and contractor and nothing to prove they were fluid in my day-to-day business operations.

My world instantly changed.



We are running three individual events :

  • Thursday 22nd November 2018 EVENT FULL
  • Wednesday 12th December 2018 EVENT FULL
  • Tuesday 15th January 2019 EVENT FULL
  • Wednesday 13th February 2019 5 PLACES AVAILABLE 

The location is our rural head offices in the heart of beautiful Sherwood Forest canopy in Nottinghamshire just 3.5miles from north and south A1 exits:

Safety PAL
Laxton Lodge Barns
NG22 0AH

Unlimited free parking


This 3-hour event will start at 10:00, we will stop mid-talk for refreshments and then endeavour to finish around 12:30 in time to enjoy some lunch which we will provide.

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