Court Cases in June

Date Fine Accident Industry Details
1st June £16,000 Permanently blinded in one eye Nightclub A special effects company whose confetti cannon hit a woman in the face
2nd June £24,000 Hand and wrist injury Engineering Suffered severe hand and wrist injury which needed surgical intervention to reattach.
3rd June £20,000 Fire safety offences Hotel Absence of  smoke alarms and emergency lighting.
5th June £40,000 Injuries to an ankle Theme Park Crushing injuries to her ankle after her leg was caught in a gap between the carriage and the edge of a disembarking platform on a children’s rollercoaster at Lightwater Valley
5th June £110,000 Death Construction Death of an 83-year old man in Kirkcaldy.
7th June £43,000 Safety Failings Supplier & Manufacturing Failed to maintain suitable standards of work after several inspections by the HSE.
8th June £160,000 Safety Failings Construction Safety failings after an uncontrolled collapse onto a High Street. The contractor was sentenced to nine months imprisonment suspended for two years.
9th June £80,000 Safety Failings Roofing There was a lack of suitable measures in place to prevent a person falling from the gable end of the building.
9th June £67,000 Broken Bones in both feet Sales Company Wheel of an excavator being handled manually fell and injured an employee at a site in Port Talbot.
9th June £450,000 Death Care Home Elderly resident fell from her first floor window and died.
9th June £12,000 Fractured Lower Back Groundworks A groundwork company has been fined after a worker fell more than seven metres through a fragile roof.
12th June £40,000 Serious Hand Injury Engineering This incident resulted in the worker later requiring surgical amputation to part of his left index finger.
13th June £220,000 Serious Burns Recycling A employee was injured when hot ash and steam erupted through a chute.
14th June £300,000 Death of a contractor. Civil engineering Failing to manage there contractors
15th June £40,000 Life threatening injuries Welding Company The 39-year old man suffered multiple injuries including a broken leg, elbow and ribs. He also punctured his lungs and had his spleen removed as a result of this incident.
15th June £135,000  Teeside company Fire at a company’s premises The fire involved dangerous substances including Vitride, which led to this fire being declared a major incident.
19th June £8,000,000 Petrol station leak Supermarket Fuel leak from one of its petrol stations, which polluted waterways and sewers.
 22th June £60,000 Burns from boiling oil. Food Industry When a kitchen chef was moving a pan of hot oil with another member of staff, which subsequently slipped from their grip. The chef was burnt by the oil on the shin and foot.
22th June £90,000 Serious health and safety failings Residential property management company Residential property management company Hatchmere Park Ltd has been fined after failing to comply with HSE enforcement notices about unsafe construction work at a site.
26th June £160,000 Internal bleeding on the brain and a broken left leg. Roofing A London based roofing firm has been fined for breaching work at height regulations after a worker fell through two storeys onto a concrete floor. 
26th June £300,000 Death NHS Foundation Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust has been fined for health and safety failings after a patient fell to his death.
26th June £163,000 Fractures to her left shoulder blade, a fracture to her left collar bone, a cut to the back of her head and bruising. Design and Management Two companies have been fined after putting a number of workers at risk of harm when they failed to plan or identify the risks of heavy lifting. One worker was struck by scaffolding in the incident. 
29th June £67,000 Broken feet Construction vehicle dealer An apprentice who hadn’t been provided with training or the right equipment suffered broken feet when he undertook a wheel swap job. 
30th June £1,000,000 Life changing injuries Steel industry A steel company has been fined £1m after an oxygen pipe exploded in front of an employee.
 TOTALS £11,767,000 4 deaths