Court Cases in December

Date Fine Accident Industry Details
1st December  £500,000 Death Highways South West Highways Limited (SWHL) has today been fined after the death of a 48-year old worker who was struck by a vehicle.
4th December £100,000 Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome Housing Association HSE is reminding companies of the necessity of monitoring workers’ health after a South Wales Housing Association was fined for exposing workers to Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS).
5th December £246,000 A contractor fell more than 10 meters Electrical Three companies have been fined after a contractor to BBC Studioworks Ltd fell more than 10 metres at Elstree Film Studios.
7th December £24,000 Eighty-two foot tree they were felling crashed down onto two cars Arboriculture company The F.A. Bartlett Tree Expert Company Limited, of High Street, Crawley, pleaded guilty to breaching Sections 3(1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. 
8th December £100,000 Six-year-old boy became trapped in a baggage conveyor Aviation Birmingham Airport Limited has been fined after a six-year-old boy became trapped in a baggage conveyor.
8th December £30,000 Self-employed worker fell more than three metres Construction “This incident could so easily have been avoided had the company simply carried out correct control measures and safe working practices. 
12th December £150,000 Death of a lone worker NHS The investigation found that Mr Bowen’s death could have been prevented if the extraction system had been switched on.
12th December £666,700 Worker suffered life threatening head injuries Recycling This incident could have been prevented had they planned this workplace activity beforehand and identified the risks associated
13th December £85,000 Death of a Man who was electrocuted when the arm of a loader crane (HIAB) hit overhead power lines Farming “This tragic incident could easily have been prevented if the farm partnership had acted to identify and manage the risks involved with overhead power lines on their land, and to put a safe system of work in place.
15th December £120,000 Putting employees and members of the public at risk through asbestos exposure Construction “The companies in this case did not take account of the risks associated with the disturbance of asbestos and put not only their workers but also the general public at risk of inhaling fibres.” 
15th December £666,000 Bag of fertiliser fell and struck an employee A port company This incident could so easily have been avoided if the company had followed their own risk assessments and reviewed their systems following previous bag collapses.” 
19th December The driver of a contractor has been sentenced to 240 hours of community order Death of a road worker on M8 The driver of a contractor “Construction activity should be planned to reduce the need for reversing and where that is not possible further control measures such as the use of a banksman should be implemented.” 
19th December £1,875,000 Worker was fatally struck Principal Contractor A Principal Contractor and a road building sub-contractor have been fined after a worker was fatally struck while working on roadworks 
19th December £80,000 Young worker was paralysed after becoming trapped in machinery Recycling company “The waste industry is a known high-risk industry and for this reason HSE is currently targeting the sector with an inspection initiative to ensure effective management and control of risk” 
20th December £240,000 Worker suffered serious injuries Construction “Huntsmere Project Limited also had a duty to monitor and control the other contractors that it had engaged – the collapse could have been avoided had the company fulfilled its duties in its role as principal contractor”
21st December £100,000 Unsafe storage of unauthorised biocidal products Pest Control company A pest control company and one of its directors have been sentenced for the unsafe storage of unauthorised biocidal products and phostoxin (aluminium phosphide).
22nd December £600,000 Two members of the public tripped and fell over construction work Construction “These incidents could so easily have been avoided by simply carrying out correct control measures and safe working practices.
TOTALS £5,502,700 4 deaths