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Join the digital age with us and save yourself time and money

Digital Strategy   We all waste time, have inefficiencies that we somehow manage and find it a struggle to stand tall amongst our competitors, furthermore, we could all benefit from managing resource more efficiently. Who needs to read this article? • Board Members who need to realise money can be made from linking business components […]


No proof No standards? this will cost your business thousands

This article explains how not having proof could have been so much worse We have removed the worker and company names   Pre-amble An award-winning Floor Screed and rendering company (contractor x) won their latest contract (awarded by the principal contractor), which needed 20+ workers on-site for 6 months.   Setting the scene The principal […]

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7 essential tips for creating a positive safety culture in 2018

Be honest! Are you and your organisation robust enough to deal with an accident or visit from an inspector?  In my career as a worker, manager, inspector and director, I wish I had a £1 for every time someone said to me, “my health and safety is top notch, I have all the health and safety I need and those […]


Company Policies and how to implement and distribute them

I was recently with the British Safety Council and we ended up on the topic of company policies. They had a feature in their magazine about drugs and alcohol at work and how it costs British business billions of pounds every year. How drugs and alcohol contribute to 26% of workplace accidents costing over £4bn […]