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Safety PAL - the only Health and Safety app to prevent fines

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Imagine Health & Safety software that...

  • Can be accessed by everyone wherever they are
  • Gives you the tools rather than just telling you what to do
  • Automatically leaves a date-stamped audit trail
  • Stores all documents and communications securely in one place
  • Prevents worker accidents
  • Protects you and your company from potential liability.

The Safety PAL system does all this and more.

Screenshots of Safety PAL health and safety software app on desktop, laptop, tablet and phone

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The Benefits of the Safety PAL system...

Prevents legal action icon

Prevent Legal Action

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Improves site safety icon

Improve Site Safety

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Reduces worker risks icon

Reduce Worker Risks

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Reduces costs icon

Reduce Costs

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Effective staff training icon

Effective Staff Training

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Increase job efficiency icon

Increase Job Efficiency

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You would need 5 or 6 separate systems to match the cover and efficiency of Safety PAL

Protect your staff with Safety PAL

Don't just take our word for it...

"Your Safety PAL has quickly become an essential tool for dealing with many aspects of Health and Safety at PPX metal management… I wouldn't want to be running PPX without it. Highly recommended."

Paul Pearce, PPX Metal Management Ltd

"My favourite part (of Your Safety PAL) is the inductions. We have sites across the East Midlands, so to keep inductions consistent is very difficult.…the fact that I can upload a video and it’s the same for every site is fantastic."

Kerri Grocock, Woodhead Construction

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