Safety PAL for the Aviation Industry

Airports and Airfields are extremely busy, complicated and dangerous areas.

It is essential that the Airport Duty Managers know who's working and what part of the Airport they are working on! It is also the Airport's responsibility to ensure every worker and contractor are safe and not at risk of harm: Note SSIP (Safety Schemes In Procurement) will not provide the evidence needed to prove compliance with the law.

Over 90% of the working staff at Airports are suppliers or contractors.
Managing internal staff is a full-time job, but the increased level of management needed to manage hundreds of contractors day-to-day is a pressure that can be resolved.

Safety PAL is an extremely effective and cost efficient solution... 

Each and every Employee or Contractor signs in on any smart device (computers, tablets or mobiles) when arriving at the designated security points. Then Safety PAL sends the Operations Duty Manager an email with "Worker(s) Arrived."

Reduce airport management time by using our interconnected suite of tools to complete tool box talks (briefings), check contractor compliance and ensure they are up to date with airport operations and inductions.

Gain a full understanding of who is working and where they are on-site with live access to Safety PAL's geographical overviews.

Once a worker's shift is complete, they simply sign out.

And after work is complete, job overviews detailing every action and working hours are available to all management staff.

Communicate Instantly

Due to the nature of operational airports, having the ability to communicate with every worker and contractor instantly (with recorded audit trail) should be part of any companies standard procedure.

Safety PAL's suite of tools provide one-click access to messaging, detailed overviews, recorded messages, and also live data on workers.

Why your Airport needs Safety PAL...

The reason that Safety PAL will be so effective operating on your Airport, is that its unique features all work together - making a your business a leaner business.

Your Risk Database is available to be applied rapidly to all Jobs and Activities. Before a worker can sign into a job, a Risk Assessment and Method Statement must be attached to it - providing an extra layer of protection for both workers and your business.

Workers and contractors can see these ahead of time with their employee portal to make sure that they understand the requirements ahead of time.

The Solution: Safety PAL

Safety PAL uses the latest technology to communicate and share information throughout your organisation. It gives you the tools to prevent accidents whilst documenting what you are doing - protecting you and your business from liability.

Safety PAL's unique advantage is that the different features all work together - like a well-oiled machine.
You would need 5 or 6 separate systems to match the protection and efficiency of Safety PAL

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