About us

Why We Developed Safety PAL

When an incident took place at my engineering company in 2014, I thought I was safe. After all, I had five separate Health & Safety accreditations and insurance in place.

I was wrong…

Some of the consequences of that preventable incident were: a £250,000 fine, £3-£4 million loss of works, numerous redundancies and my strong client base diminishing.

My SSIP accreditations and my Health & Safety Consultants failed me... Or did they?

After the incident…

I realised my failing wasn't that I'd given someone a job, it was actually that I didn't fully understand what the law required.

We investigated further and deeper than others into understanding why companies fail, and ultimately what Health and Safety legislation actually needs from every business.

Businesses fail to implement sufficient standards and procedures due to time, work pressure, cost, technology and knowledge. So if we could solve these common problems, we would have found the holy grail in health and safety management.

The Solution: Safety PAL

The result, after 3 years of development is Safety PAL - a system that can ensure businesses have done everything practicably possible to prevent accidents without increasing the burden on health and safety. We didn't start with paper legacies, we didn't design modules to fit a businesses requirement, and we didn't use old templates to cut corners. 

Safety PAL is purpose built from scratch to make sure your work process matches exactly what the Health & Safety at Work Act requires you to do.

Protecting people from harm.  Protecting businesses from fines.

Safety PAL's unique advantage is that the different features all work together - like a well-oiled machine.
You would need 5 or 6 separate systems to match the protection and efficiency of Safety PAL.

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