No proof No standards? this will cost your business thousands

This article explains how not having proof could have been so much worse

We have removed the worker and company names


An award-winning Floor Screed and rendering company (contractor x) won their latest contract (awarded by the principal contractor), which needed 20+ workers on-site for 6 months.


Setting the scene
The principal contractor (PC) had a management team on-site managing the project and many contractors.
On this day, the PC site manager (SM) completed all his normal morning duties, then proceeded to complete his daily site walk-round.

During the walk-round, the SM came across contractor x worker, who was mixing material and who was not wearing a face-fit dust mask.

The site manager approached the worker and said…
“stop, get your face-fit mask on”

The worker stopped and replied…
“I haven’t got one”, + other expletives

The SM then asked the worker to make the work area safe and to go and wait in the canteen while I speak with your supervisor.

The site manager called the company x project manager (PM) and explained one of your workers has been stopped due to inadequate PPE and calls for a meeting with the PM and health and safety manager.


The investigation
Later that afternoon, the PM and H&S manager arrive on-site for the meeting.
The SM explains what happened and asks…

“Why don’t your workers have the correct PPE? Are you fully aware how your poor management of health and safety effects me as the site manager, my bosses and the client?”

The SM then shows the PM and H&S manager Section 2 and 3 of the health and safety at work act, which explains everyone’s most basic of responsibilities.

The H&S manager replies…
“We are fully aware of the legislation, we care for our employees and always operate our projects diligently, and we will investigate our negligent worker to find out why he wasn’t wearing his face-fit dust mask”


The proof
The PM then got out his Ipad (others tablets are available) and logged into ‘Safety PAL’
The PM then clicked on the worker’s name; the screen displayed the workers training records, safety inductions, competence and company policies with read and understood date-time stamps.
The records included a PPE register and Face-Fit Dust Mask certificate, which was, completed 3 months prior.

The PM then proceeded to show the SM an overview of the 20 workers we have operating on your site today and here is the method statement and risk assessment (RA), which the worker signed on to this morning at 07:46. You will see here the RA includes:
• Silica
• Mesothelioma
• PPE TABS view

Also here is the Tool Box Talk our supervisor completed at 07:51 which asked the worker 8 basic questions, one being…
“Do you have all the required PPE to complete your task?” He ticked yes!

The H&S manager then said…
“We are really confused why our worker said what he said and we will follow that up, but are you happy we do take H&S and workers wellbeing very seriously”

He continued to say…
“We can add you as a Guest user on our account so you can check any information you require at anytime?”

The site manager replied…
“Yes very happy and yes please, send me the login, I wish all my contractors were as meticulous as you are”


The Kudos
As you the reader will fully appreciate, this could have been so much worse for the contractor, principal contractor and client. [link to sentencing guidelines]

So we need to applaud the contractor’s approach if the H&S manager and PM weren’t able to prove they were compliant and had done everything practicably possible. Also, costs could have escalated, potential work lost, and maybe even a prosecution based on what could have happened.

Having the ability to prove instantly, not only helped company x with efficiency saving many laborious hours of administration, but they were also able to impress and protect the client, achieving kudos, which you will appreciate, is very hard to achieve today.


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