What is wrong with the British Safety Council and IOSH courses for safety

A nice tool; your employee signs into an IOSH course, they watch the video and answer a series of multiple-choice questions, then if they achieve the pass rate, great, they’re now safer.

Can we take a minute to look at what the IOSH course fails to achieve?

  • How is this certificate to be validated by supervisors before they start work?
  • How is their company training portal updated once they pass or fail?
  • What happens if they don’t pass, are they prevented from continuing with relevant works?
  • If they fail, is there an audit trail of questions for their supervisor/manager to review?
  • Is there an expiration date with automatic notifications to administration to help skills decay?
  • Can the Q&A pass rates be changed to suit different people and skill levels?
  • Is the Q&A available in different languages?
  • Is the content engaging enough to maintain interest?

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Members of my team have taken similar tests and realised that promotion of the concept is greater than the reality of the achievement…

Developers or so-called innovators fail to tackle the whole problem, we are all encouraged to break bigger problems down into more manageable pieces, but when broken down, each element now maybe easier to manage and developers can now work toward a solution! But is there now a new outcome due to the disconnection from the bigger element?


Health & Safety Video

Let’s inspect the Health and Safety video, the bigger element here is companies and people failing to manage health and safety correctly and this has resulted in accidents, fines and even prison sentences.

So a solution is to create an E-learning tool where a worker or manager sits at a desk, watches the short video and takes a multiple choice test which includes a pass percentage, we should now have a better-informed worker, I like this, I like it a lot.

Where does this gold star certificate go? in a file, in a draw, in a folder on the server, maybe a copy in the worker’s van, he/she may even get a congratulations post on Linked IN.

Has this creation of a solution plugged the problem or have we created micro difficulties?


Managing Certificates

Managing the certificate renew dates, managing the distribution of the certificates company-wide, allowing clients to understand the qualifications your workers have and also having certificates at hand to show clients supervisors and auditors is a painstakingly hard to achieve, so hard in fact, not even on your high priority list.

Let’s not forget the costs stakeholders have accumulated based on each worker sitting the test periodically and multiplied by many divisions and subdivisions in the larger organisations.

So we have helped the H&S safety training, but we highlighted/ created other difficulties, this solution surely isn’t then enough?

This is the result when engineering in a solution, without first seeing if anything can be done to engineer out the problem…


What can we engineer out here?

If one system was able to get relevant, engaging and compelling E-learning media in front of every worker, no matter where they are and to include specific Q&A designed by the managers and/or responsible persons. We then need to include configurable pass rates and expiry times, as ultimately they know their business and workers.

Pass or fail; this single system needs to automatically update the company-wide workers training profile.

If the person does fail, the system needs to auto notify their line manager so to review the answers and talk to a worker about the failure before re-sitting. We also need to give the worker access to the achievements on their smart device to show external supervisors when arriving for works. The system needs to automatically create expiry alerts and notifications in order to decrease management time. And finally, the E-learning tool not only needs to be available to my worker’s company-wide but also for my contractors and in multiple languages at no extra costs.

So thinking about the problem and increasing our knowledge of technology available, has now allowed us to not only equal what was first produced, but also the ability to negate the need to add a further resource.

We can now truthfully promote a very successful product without the need to conceal other problems created.


How Safety PALs unique link up tools helps were IOSH courses don't

Safety PAL is different (it needs to be)

A truly successful product like Safety PAL creates important solutions and autonomously links training management, company document control, contractor management and job management in order to get businesses protected

Don’t be a business owner who believes he is protected just because of using big named affiliations and the largest training houses.

Take a step back to understand your requirements and needs, then implement a management system which does not allow grey areas requiring you to employ more staff to manage or leave unforgotten only realising when it all too late.


Link to ISOH and British Safety Council course  ‘IOSH managing safety online course’.

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