Safety Roundtable: IT’s getting  better

My thoughts and follow-up response to the article, Safety Roundtable: IT’s getting better

By Karl Spencer

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At a meeting I attended recently, I felt as if I was in the minority. I thought that most of the people in the room failed to open up to solving the problem, i.e., poor H&S standards, accidents still happening and fines increasing.

Health & safety at work roundtable

I really felt the majority of the participants enjoyed moaning and they weren’t looking in any way to solve the issues at hand. I felt this to be quite blinkered.

The other participants didn’t believe that a single system, delivered directly to smartphones, tablets and PCs can solve this problem by:

  • Engaging the attention of employees and encouraging them to become enthusiastic about their own health and safety at work
  • Helping business owners, directors and managers to manage health and safety more effectively throughout their organisations
  • Protecting business owners and organisations from fines because there is a full audit trail which proves that they did everything practically possible to prevent an accident.

It does seem too good to be true!

As human beings, we have a tendency to over-complicate things. We implement many systems that hinder rather than help us to solve a problem. This is as true in health and safety as in other areas of business, such as finance and human resources.

However, the fact that this solution appears to be too good to be true doesn’t mean that it’s not possible using the latest technology.

The Safety PAL cloud based solution does all of the above and more, solving the issues at hand by creating a holistic health and safety culture within an organisation.

At the top of the organisation, business owners, directors and managers are able to manage health and safety more effectively because all documents and policies are stored in one central location. They can access them wherever they are and can update them at the touch of a button. They also have access to a full audit trail, which can be shared with clients and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

At the same time, workers receive up-to-date safety alerts on their smartphones, whether they are on a construction site or working in a remote location. The application also delivers compelling and engaging content videos to any worker in any country and in any language, again with a full audit trail.

After the meeting, I quickly realised that I need to continue explaining how Safety PAL solves companies’ health and safety problems. I need to continue to shout from the roof tops that Safety PAL can PREVENT every accident and reduce FINES.

To find out how Safety PAL can transform your organisation’s health and safety culture, request a free demo today.

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