Why should we improve or implement better safety management

We’ve spoken to companies up and down the country about implementing Your Safety PAL. When we ask them why they’ve decided to look at improving their safety management systems

Here are 10 typical answers we’re given…

  1. We had an accident on one of our sites – it costs tens of thousands and we can’t afford it to happen again.
  2. We want to save time – supervisors and managers seem to spend a lot of effort implementing and checking new procedures.
  3. We need everything in one accessible place we are asked daily for employee certifications, copies of specific work-related documents and this takes time in getting together and over to clients.
  4. We need better Risk Assessments currently our risk assessment could be simpler, more specific, easier reviewable, and non-paper based.
  5. Paperless and mobile system – in today’s world, we need everything at our fingertips, electronically and on our smart devices.
  6. I am a single safety officer in a company! I need HELP. Dealing day to day with safety, safety management and job control is over and above a single persons responsibility, we need help from management and also from a worker level.
  7. Can you make my day to day life easier
  8. I need to control the guys on site more. When they leave the office, they are a law unto themselves.
  9. When employees watch safety videos and or get issued safety alerts, I want them to understand them.
  10. I’m fed up of accreditations and affiliations costing me money annually just because I’m told I have to have them.

These are all valid reasons – and Your Safety PAL can help with them all – but they’re symptoms of a problem, not the cause.

Perhaps it’s an unfair question to ask, the answers they give don’t really tackle the underlying issue. Henry Ford summed this up best: “If I had asked people what they wanted,” he said, “they would have said a faster horse”. How can you ask for the solution to something you do not know exists?

It’s about a mindset.

The decision to implement a new and or improved safety management system should not be decided on the features and benefits of an available system, but first, start with thinking about WHY you need Safety Management…

  • why is Safety needed?
  • why is it so important for all our employees and colleagues to feel safe?
  • why should we have it?

The simplest answer to these? Because everyone deserves to go home safe at the end of the day.

We’re hosting a FREE Webinar on the 4th of August to discuss this in greater depth, you can register for the webinar here.

Rather than focusing on WHAT you need to do (fill in forms, have certificates) and HOW you do things (Risk Assessments, Method Statements), Your Safety PAL was built differently from the ground up focusing on the WHY we need to take safety seriously. By following this principle, Your Safety PAL easily meets all the requirements of its clients – the What’s and the Hows. It’s simply born out of the way we tackle these issues. It restructures your existing  health and safety documents into an easy to follow process that doesn’t compromise on costs, efficiency and most importantly safety.

Your Safety PAL team works tirelessly in creating, maintaining and improving a system that challenges the status quo of Safety, our CEO states, “do not create a system that is better than other systems on the market, simply create a system that really helps and works, and do it from engineering out the problem and not engineering in a solution”.

For further details about Your Safety PAL and Why you should be looking to implement a better Health and Safety system, sign up for our free webinar.

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