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getting the right info in front of the right people

​It should be easy, right? But too many Safety Alerts are either left ignored on a notice board somewhere or lost amongst a pile emails that aren't relevant enough to the recipient.

Distributing alerts with Your Safety PAL ensures that your employees acknowledge your policies and alerts, and if they haven’t understood they can ask for help or training with one click. This lets you foster a workplace environment that doesn't stigmatise staff for asking for help, whilst helping you plan for future training.

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Don't just report accidents - stop accidents

Cloud based Job control

Your Safety PAL is a cloud based Job control system that proactively manages and reduces risk and accidents. It does this by linking staff training, inductions, risk assessments, method statements and much more altogether, in one place to increase visibility, understanding and compliance.

It can monitor staff, visitors and sub-contractors processes and understanding, so potential problems can be highlighted before they become accidents or worse. Saving you down-time, delays and worse of all legal costs.

Sounds too good to be true? Challenge us… and we’ll prove that Your Safety PAL can help you improve your productivity, reduce your risk and save you money.

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"Your Safety PAL has quickly become an essential tool for dealing with many aspects of Health and Safety at PPX metal management… I wouldn't want to be running PPX without it. Highly recommended."

Paul Pearce 
PPX Metal Management Ltd

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How Safety Alerts work

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Setting up a Work Site

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Creating a new Job

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Adding policies to a Job

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Approving policies

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Uploading safety videos

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  • Stop worrying about legal action.
  • Prevents stand-downs and lost time.
  • Keeps your staff and your business safe.
  • Make Health & Safety quicker and easier.

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WHy we built your safety pal

We have a long history of running a successful engineering company, specialising in creating better solutions to new and old processes. In our time in Aviation, Water and Utility sectors we've come to understand first-hand just how important health and safety is to the smooth running of job management.

Many companies today find they spend too much time being reactive to Health & Safety, and it's often treated as a burden - with too much emphasis on form-filling rather than proactive planning.

Your Safety PAL is the result of 3 years of development and will streamline your job management process to bring it firmly into the twenty-first century. It allows you to seamlessly link separate documents and operations – from risk assessments to work permits and inductions – with all files kept in one encrypted secure, cloud-accessible location.

"We have a Risk Assessment per job and activity and if that was put onto the system and allocated by zone and area, that would work well."

Joanne Bekis 

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